Saturday, April 07, 2007

Corner 28 Dine in

Corner 28
This place was already reviewed for its take out items on an earlier post. I finally got a chance to dine in. It was rather crowded even at 6:15pm and the place was very loud and boisterous. You may want to prepare yourself mentally before going there.

The menu features Chinese/English names and beautiful photos. If you're not sure what to order, just pick one that looks the best.

Honey Roast Duck 琵琶鸭
The skin is the best part. The rest of the duck was somewhat fatty and greasy. I had to bag this at the end even though I only ordered 1/4 of a duck.

Chicken&Beef with Chive 韭菜花双柳
The chive here has flowers, so it's actually more on the sweet side than the strong herb taste of regular chives. They also threw in some Chinese celery (thinner and stronger taste than regualr celery) for good measure which I liked. I think the beef was a bit salty but overall the dish was good, with white rice.

Eggplant with garlic sauce 鱼香茄子
A huge portion is given. The eggplants are purple and sweet. There were some red bell peppers added for color. Probably my favorite there even though it's not so unique or special.

I thought the menu was a big confusing since I didn't see a breakdown between vegetable, seafood, appetizer, soup, etc. The take out menu makes more sense to me. Due to the crowd factor, I think I'll pass on this restaurant and just buy some of their lunch specials or ribs in the future. The other, quieter, Cantonese restaurant named Accord Cafe had better food and atmosphere in my opinion.

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