Sunday, April 08, 2007


If someone asked you to describe your ideal guy in three words, you'd say:
1. Masculine, polite, and a gentleman
2. Smart, thoughtful, and athletic
3. Wild, outgoing, and funny
4. Offbeat, philosophical, and interesting
5. Artistic, sensitive, and expressive

Came across the above question while doing one of those blog quizzes. I'm not posting the result because I think most of those quizzes are strange. Is it just me or are some of the choices really weird? I'd definitely mix and match a few adjectivies there.
How about smart and funny?
Or sensitive and gentleman?
Or artistic and wild?
Maybe I just see different combinations than the quiz creator.


Wendy said...

i definitely agree. maybe some of these quiz makers think certain adjectives only go with certain other adjectives, haha. thanks for your comments on my xanga! i have to go check that song out.

Wendy said...

hey guess what? i tried the crepe on my own today and it actually didn't come out gooey this time...although i think i added too much oil and milk...but still, i ate it with pride, haha