Saturday, April 07, 2007

Crepe Part 3

After back to back crepe days, I've gained new insight into this recipe.

First of all, I didn't know tablespoon was such a small measure. When I used a regualr spoon to scoup out flour, I probably used 2 tablespoons full, not 1.

Secondly, Water is better for thinning out the mix than milk. Unless you use skim milk, I guess.

Use plenty of oil to coat the pan, but you don't need to keep adding oil for each crepe. The pan should be nice and coated from earlier.

The trick is all in the smoothness of the batter (use a big whisk! borrow your roommate's, buy one at Target, it really makes a difference!) Another thing is you need to use your wrist to swirl the mix around in the pan. This is key for making a perfectly round crepe, and to ensure its thinness.

Nutella spreads easier than my Noisella. But both taste great. Try it with banana slices for filling, very yummy.

I finally had crepes with vanilla ice cream (vanilla and orange sherbet on second day). Amazing!
Nothing like having dessert in place of lunch. Thanks for everyone who helped out with dishes, too!

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Wendy said...

i`m tempted to try again on my own but I think i need your guidance, :) thanks so much for making them, they were soooo delicious!