Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Flushing Eats

Previously, near Main Street, Flushing. Three Chinese Restaurants.

Spicy and Tasty
39-07 Prince Street, 1H. Flushing, NY 11354. (718) 359-1601
Region: Sichuan/Hunan/Spicy

Quick comments:
-spicy? yes.
-much selection? yes.
-recommends the "three cup chicken" which is cooked with basil.
-and any of the "water boiled" style dishes are awesome. My fav. is water boiled beef.

Accord Cafe
39-07 Prince Street, Flushing, NY 11354. (718) 321-3820
This is right next to the restaurant above.
Region: Cantonese/Fusion

Quick commments:
-great set meals for small groups. For our set meal for 2, we got soup, appetizer (skip the xiaolongbao and order it at a Shanghainese restaurant instead), rice, 2 main entrees, and dessert!
-order the ginger with honey. it's amazing.
-good service
-extensive menu, definitely a place to return to time after time!
Edit: went again with a larger party and was recommended the 6 people set, also very good. We also ordered this oxtail soup (tomato based?) which is quite tasty as well.

No. 1 East Restaurant "Ren Ren Xiao Guan"
41-27 Main St., Flushing, NY 11355. (718) 460-8686
Region: Jiangzhe/Shanghai

Quick comments:
-gotta love the title, "Ren Ren", for everyone!
-Shrimp Tofu: shrimp still big compared to the variety in Hangzhou, China but definitely cooked in the same way, light and tender.
-Wuxi Ribs "ribs, shanghai style": It's wonderful when the Chinese name and English name refer to different geographical locations. Overall not as sweet as I expected. This shocked everyone who sat with me for dinner. Okay, so maybe it is sweet enough. I love it.
Edit: They have take out for a very reasonable price (5 or so?). You will get rice, soup, choice of entree (my fav is a tie between dongpo pork and wuxi ribs), and some veggies. I always have leftovers.

Yangrouchuanr (kebab) stand (
Honorable Mention)
Evenings, corner of Main St. and Sanford Ave.
Edit: Dec, 2006. the above stand closed. I found another stand across the street from Flushing library.

Quick comments:
-$1 meat sticks. Pick your lamp or beef or chicken
-attracts crowds, the corner smells wonderful
-not spicy enough even though I asked for spicy. Maybe I should tell them to double the spices.
Edit2: The stand on that corner opened again. I think the cold weather must have attracted people to bbq.

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