Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Corner 28 旺角

40-28 Main Street

Brand new Cantonese restaurant (upstairs)/takeout (downstairs) and has impossibly long lines everyday. Although I've only had two items for takeout, the menu is so extensive I definitely want to go back for a real sit-down meal. The dessert and sweets menu takes up pages, and sound very authentic. I also crave Cantonese clay pot soup (老火例汤). The bubble tea selections are good but at $3+ for a small, I think I'll pass and order a dessert instead.

BBQ Ribs
If you've had Cantonese style BBQ, you know it's very sweet. I'm a sucker for sweet ribs, though. $8/lb, a bit high compared to some other restaurants around the area.

Peking Duck (take out window only? not on menu)
except with slightly thicker pancake wrap thing. 75 cents per order (one pancake with filling). I ate five but could probably eat more. Each pancake is stuffed a piece or two of duck, thin pieces of cucumbers, and threads of scallion. Of course with the sauce added to it too. I've never understood places where the duck part of the Peking duck was only skin. This place packs duck flesh as well as skin. Double win. Watch out for long lines and angry people in line. This lady in front of me ordered a few boxes (more than 20?) and it literately took forever. The workers inside steam the fat pancakes (almost like mantou, or steamed buns) and add the duck and other ingredients by hand (gloved). This process takes longer than you may expect. Yummy snack though. Worth the wait.

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