Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Highlights Review

I actually wanted to send this entry along with the digital holiday card earlier this month but it took a bit longer than expected to compile this. With only a few days of 2014 left, I decided to review and compile a list of some of my 2014 adventures. Prior to this year, I have not tried to systematically review my blog at year end. I was actually surprised with how many entries I’ve written and how much I couldn’t include. It’s tough being my own editor (maybe I’ll find another person to help bring a more objective angle next year…)


There were several unexpected accomplishments in 2014. Glad they happened anyway.
  • 5k – Running in the Corporate Challenge. [June entry]
  • Drawing and creating [Drawing | Collage | ATC link]
  • Origami – teaching. I don’t think I did a post on teaching origami but I did teach at Folding Sundays, Natural History Museum Origami Tree table, and several Meet-up sessions. and there were several origami ATCs this year. see dedicated post for origami here
The planned goals were fairly tame: explore arts & gardens, passing an exam (for securities license), travel journal, apt stuff. I’ll try to write up the 2015 goals more in a few weeks (still in draft/planning mode).


I think I cooked more in 2014, or maybe I just posted more recipes in the past few months. Ever since I started using Yelp, I have been less motivated to post reviews (not that I used yelp for reviewing, only bookmarking!)


I looked at books listed under the “read” section on goodreads. I just listed three of my favorites here:


There were so many great concerts and music events this year that I probably didn’t even cover half of them on my blog.


I should seriously do a calendar of all my garden pictures. They would make a nice gift.

Interesting Finds

Hope you enjoyed reading and we’ll see you in the new year!photo (12)

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st2128 said...

Thanks again for posting. I may write something similar. Great reflections and aspirations for 2015.