Thursday, January 08, 2015

2014 Origami poster

Last year I was inspired by Leyla Torres' video on keeping an origami journal to start an origami wall poster. I switched out items here and there but did not keep very good track of all the models / creators I learned throughout the year. When I saw her post her latest time lapse origami table video (with guest appearance by her cat!), I realized it's time to take down my 2014 poster and start a new one. But not before a quick write-up! and yes, there are a lot of geometric items on the wall. As much as I try to learn animals, it seems geometric patterns show up more often in my collection.

Favorite models from the wall

I did not learn this model until I visited DC/Maryland area and met a few friends folding origami (this was way after the convention finished). I really love how simple and elegant it looks. The clamp shell I learned later from GMG. and the red tessellation is from Origami Heaven's tessellation class with Tom Craine.

Shuzo Fujimoto snowflake (so many beautiful hexagons this year, really inspiring !)

Not all the models are flat enough to fit on a poster. and some were given away (like ATCs and modular origami). Below are pics of two models I gave away.

Bascetta Star - 30 pieces

Fujimoto Hydrangea - 3 levels

collection of 2014 posts relating to origami:

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  • there are also so many pictures/models/teaching/learning... how to organize it all from shutterfly/twitter/meetup...(to be continued in 2015 I suppose)

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