Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday train show in NYBG

I went to the NY Botanical Garden (NYBG in the Bronx) Holiday Train show this past weekend with J. This is our first time attending the show and we enjoyed all the miniatures that were made with more natural materials (tree bark, flowers, seeds, etc). Check it out this holiday season! Show ends Jan 19, 2015. 

Public transit options: The show is a short metronorth train ride away from Grand Central Terminal. There is also a "getaway" combo for metronorth + holiday show admission. http://web.mta.info/mnr/html/getaways/inbound_botanicalgarden.htm

If you don't get a chance to trek away on metronorth , take a look at the train show in GCT (ends Feb 22)!

NYPL (the one with Lions)

Grand Central Terminal

Manhattan bridge soaring above

Skyscrapers Chrysler and Empire State

a train in front of the stock exchange

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T-Bone said...

I've always thought of the city as grand, but now I can call it adorable! Thanks for sharing.