Saturday, April 25, 2015

NYU CosCafe 2015

view from NYU Kimmel was awesome
Love Live, the cutest show with great music and cosplay too.
I like this song / dance number for including a lot of energy
MoshiMoshi, a rock band that specializes in video game / anime music.
their rockin’ rendition of Pokemon wowed the entire audience.


I was invited to this event by animemiz and was happy to be able to save a table near the front for the group. J. and I were both hooked on Love Live aftewards (he checked out the game, I checked out the anime). I am really impressed with the talent and organization of anime clubs of today. Previously, I was quite impressed with how Stevens pulled off an anime convention on their campus (see post link). Now after seeing this coscafe with people cosplaying and performing was a nice surprise too. If you enjoy cosplay masquerade events at conventions, the coscafe offers great entertainment/performances. I particularly enjoyed the Love Live numbers. The group did a fantastic job putting the outfits together and also a lot of rehearsals for the steps! I also liked some of the interactive audience games they played (especially rock paper scissors group play and also T/F with anime trivia). A group of us ended up at a diner where we chilled out and talked more anime. Maybe I’ll see more friends at Anime Next?

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