Monday, March 30, 2015

Hoboken Castle Point Anime Con

This past Sunday Stevens Anime Club held an one-day anime con on their campus in Hoboken. While the convention has been going on since 2008, it was my first attending this particular convention. L and G also came along to the convention which made our PATH trip and the short walk to campus more fun. They also kept me sane by suggesting a lunch break (I would have forgotten to eat since my schedule was overbooked with panels).

Stevens students are lucky to have this view!

The sunny and cool weather ensured good natural light and crisp photos for cosplayers. I also enjoyed the outdoor concerts (come on, you want to hear your college campus play anime rock!) and walking around in general to see cosplayers and take breaks between panels. The convention also reminded me of my first convention (fun panels, nice video rooms, and in general a friendly atmosphere all around). and it wasn't overly crowded. Having attended Katsucon in its various locations, Anime Boston in the convention center, and NY animefest (no longer exists) in Javits convention center, it was a nice change of pace to go to a smaller con with so many creative workshops and panels. and I found the artist alley / dealer room less intimating than some of the larger cons. 

Attack on Titans

Popular anime series featured were Tokyo Ghoul (haven't seen/read it yet) and Attack on Titan. I am usually behind on such popular series at conventions, especially when One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Deathnote were all the rage. I recognized the characters but could never related to the fandom in music videos or cosplay shows. At this convention, I actually had knowledge of Attack on Titan and call myself a fan so that made the experience all the more fun. (need to go back and see Attack on Titan photos from Katsucon... since I didn't know it back in Feb).

Eren from Attack on Titan (or SNK) in front of the wall (AKA castle in Stevens campus)

I am a fairly recent fan of the series. It all started when Crunchroll added streaming manga access to my account (used to only have anime) so I took the opportunity to check out Attack on Titan. I quickly became absorbed by the storyline and characters and just kept reading chapter after chapter. After finishing all available chapters, I am starting to watch the anime. I have to say they did a nice job adopting the story and also used the animated action scenes to their advantage. The colors were so vibrant which took a bit getting used to. Somehow I never even thought of colors when I reading the manga since it was so gritty most of the time. 

Based on my interest in the show, I thought it would be fun to see the Attack on Titan panel at the convention, called SNK (japanese Shingeki no Kyojin, Attack on Titan) Over the Wall Panel. The show's description on the con site:
The SnK Over The Wall panel will show the SnK characters as they are outside the walls in an area with no titans. While trying to keep away from the titans as well as find a way back, the cast can get asked question as well as answer them the best they can.
This was hands down my favorite panel ever (of this con and all conventions I've attended so far). The room featured several cosplayers who role-played as the characters from the show. The audience got to ask questions and the cast answered them while staying true to their cosplay character. A lot of laughing and singing involved. My favorite was the cosplayer for Jean (one sitting on the chair backwards). The Marco and Petra/tree jokes got a bit much. But I did enjoy Mikasa and Jean's antics and energy. and Armin had a great voice and knew the opening song by heart (in Japanese). Somehow I didn't get Hanji in the photo but she was really great too. I heard the video will be up soon. [placeholder]. No Levi though, many complaints heard around the room...

More Cosplay Photos

Korra from Legend of Korra

Blake from RWBY

Ruby from RWBY

Fire Emblem (never played this game but those two looked great!) 

Panels / Con Memories

  • Panels on cosplay photography (communicate with cosplayer/photographer!), 70s anime (need to watch Rose of Versailles), magic (fire / wand tricks in cosplay)
  • Outdoor concert guitar jam to Pokemon theme song (English one)
  • Standing in line waiting for SNK panel and meeting various fan (one of them was attending her first convention! so awesome)
  • Reading Tsubasa in the manga library
  • Stadium seating style lecture halls (don't have to worry about people blocking your view)
  • Fantastic schedule iphone application. I'm overbooked for every hour though!

More Resources

Official site for Castle Point Anime (bookmark for next year!)

SNK Fandom


Legend of Korra

Fire Emblem


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