Monday, May 26, 2014

Food Update

Hiroko's Place 

write-up on NY Mag (spring and thompson)
order the omelette rice curry and ice coffee. place feels like going over to a friend's home for afternoon tea. so comfy and cute! Next time would like to try some of the pasta dishes.

Taco Shop (near Wash. Sq)
order the pork belly and fish tacos. don't miss this place. it's in the basement.

Empire Szechuan Chinese (UWS)
order the bok choy and string beans (both vegetarian friendly and bound to wow people who love simple veggies done right). The prawns and pork Szechuan style are tasty too.

Magnolia's Cupcakes (UWS location, multiple locations)
my regular: chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. Don't ask me how long I was in line. I don't get these cupcakes at ___ location unless the line is fewer than 5 people. This particular time I went to the UWS location. Most times I'm usually at the GCT one which is usually not too crazy. I know people will have endless debates over what's the best cupcake places in town and I've tried several (Billy's, Georgetown, Butterlane, Crumbs, Melissa, etc). I still like Magnolia's chocolate chocolate cupcake for the best tasting chocolate frosting. My other favorite is the Bloomingdale's location which has a Bloomingdale special cupcake. Otherwise I'm not too adventurous with my flavors.

Hide-Chan Ramen

Yelp entry (Midtown East)
everything here is good but I like to order regular style (less pork fat than traditional), soft noodle (instead of hard), and with bamboo shoots if not already in the ramen. I'm sure people who are ramen fanatics may rave about the right way to order and eat ramen but really, just pick your style and go with it.

Güllüoglu Baklava Cafe

Yelp entry (across the street from Hide-Chan, midtown east)
I like the extra pistachio baklava but there are plenty of other options to pick from.

El Aguila Mexican (103th st location, multiple locations)
order the tacos (any filling you like, I tried goat which was good), don't forget the sauce bar near the door. I think one of the sauces is tomatillo and another is jalapeno or habanero which is more spicy. I don't think I usually see pineapple pieces as an option. pretty cool. Also get some agua fresca if you want a refreshment. There are two large tubs of hibiscus tea and horchata (cinnamon and sugar iced milk, I'm hooked on this stuff). Next time I would like to try to tortas.

Kati Roll Company (near Wash Sq. multiple locations)
Even though I've blogged about them before, I actually haven't been to this place in a while. I ordered the egg one (without other meats) and found it to be tasty too. May see if I can get it without onions in the future.

Pasticceria Bruno (near Wash Sq. previous write-up)
Got the chocolate canoli and latte this time. My friend J. actually recommended another Italian place that I need to try at a future date.

Pepe Rosso Social (little italy)
Order the polpettine (meatballs) and artichoke dip as starters. Then get the papardelle oxtail ragu. I got the shrimp risotto which was also delicious. V. found this with the help of Yelp before we went to see Pain of Being Pure in Heart at Bowery Ballroom.

Adrienne's Pizza

Write up in NY Mag (Stone St. Financial District)
There are many great places on Stone St on any given weekday/weekend. Get the old fashioned pizza (rectangle shaped) and try different toppings. I like basil, tomato, eggplant, pepperoni, mushrooms etc etc. Great place for a group of 4. If you're hungry, 2 people may be able to polish off most of the rectangle.

Sakagura (Midtown East)
Can't remember the sake choice but it was recommended by the waiter and I enjoyed it.
Ordered the fresh tuna with natto, eggplant with three miso sauces (highly recommended for eggplant lovers. two sweet, one savory), cold udon with ume plum sauce/shiso, and grilled riceballs with mackeral (not sure if I want to order this again). J. had his usual cold soba with fried chicken. Mostly we go for lunch specials (which ends up being tuna + soba most times since I don't always like the special) so I don't write about those. Noting this only for reference for the dinner menu. Funny to compare notes and what we ordered previously [dinner blog entry].

Cool Haus Ice Cream

NY truck location via twitter @coolhausny
Maker's Manhattan ice cream sandwiches between chocolate cookies makes an awesome dessert. Personally my preference for ice cream to cookie ratio is a lot of ice cream to a little bit of cookie. So I'll probably just order ice cream only in the future or may split a cookie with a friend. J. tried the chocolate with salt which tasted good too. Other flavors include some strange ones with bacon or fried chicken.

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