Monday, May 26, 2014

Silver Spoon Anime and Links

Silver Spoon is an anime that my friend L. recommended. The series is about a boy who ran away from the stress of his more academically-focused family and environment and started a life in a more rural agriculture school. Along the way he learns about life, farming, friendship, and leadership. The two short seasons of anime were full of good moments and characters. My favorite episode is probably the pizza episode (season 1, episode 4) and near the end of season 2 when the main character’s mom pays a visit to school. I haven’t read the manga but I’m sure there are even more good stories there.

When I discussed this series with my friend S., she was surprised by the plot and why it wasn’t a live action series (tv show). Well, it turns out they are making a live action movie!

Silver Spoon live action movie trailer

Silver Spoon second season ending song [official band video] [translation from a fansite]

Silver Spoon on Crunchyroll

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