Sunday, May 04, 2008


211 East 43rd Street, B1New York, NY 10017(Between 2nd & 3rd Avenue)
212.953.SAKE (7253)

-tuna sashimi and natto: first time having natto, it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Very sticky though. I kind of want to have it again.
-chilled tofu: hard to pick up with chopsticks...
-fried tofu: yums
-steamed bass wrapped in bamboo. it was kind of small dish...but tastes fine
-fried chicken of some kind. Not seasoned but if you like mild chicken it's ok?
-cold make-it-yourself soba. the waiter had to explain to us how to take soba, dip in sauce, and flavor with chopped herbs/scallion. I felt stupid. but it tastes great. I love cold soba. where are my sesame seeds on top though? hm...

-random sake that was fruity and smooth. but whatever, I got sold on the description that advertised "little sparks dancing on your tongue". I didn't feel anything but the sake went well with everything else, so it's fine. more of a nigiri because of the milky white color I guess. Not that I'm claiming to be any kind of sake expert.

-sea salt chocolate ice cream: better than it sounds, although I'd mix it with a scoop of vanilla or something
-black sesame ice cream: black sesame rocks. that's all.

Overall Impression
-cute place, with good presentation, but bad chopsticks...argh.
-food takes quite a long time to make. and they're like tapas sized! my poor wallet?!
-actually quiet enough...but then again, it is midtown.

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