Sunday, May 04, 2008


Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Rockband is only the coolest and most addictive game ever. I first got interested because I found out Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage are both on it. Yay. Then I discovered Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Maps killed me on the vocals first time though). Just yesterday I got NIN's "Perfect Drug" which sounds awesome (great vocals too).

Basic concept: song + 4 players (guitar, bass, drum, and singer) = a rockin good time

K. is the drummer since the rest of us are not as good as he is. I think he nearly kills his feet everytime we play over an hour due to his intrense "expert level". I haven't figured out the whole orange key, hammer on pull off tricks, so I only do guitar/bass sometimes on medium/hard when I get tired of singing. Most times, I'm singing. 100% on Oasis Wonderwall on "hard level" baby! I'm getting better at Maps too, which is encouraging.

Some other songs that I like from the game:
-Boston. More Than a Feeling. Boston has good jamming songs. Not the most interesting for singer though.
-Blondie. Call Me. The vocals also killed me the first time, but I got better.
-Smashing Pumpkins. Siva and Cherub Rock. I still look forward to the day when people can play the songs right....rocking out to pumpkins does take some practice. I got Zero last night but it actually wasn't that exciting musically. Oh well, still gotta support the SP love!
-Radiohead. Creep. Very haunting actually. but that's radiohead for ya.

More songs listed and updated always. I use the wiki entry for it. The official list is here.

I wish Maroon 5 and U2 would join the band wagon but I suppose it's ok if they rather keep the songs to themselves and not crazy kids like us. I can always try the songs on karaoke.

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