Sunday, April 04, 2010

Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossoms

Every spring DC gets droves of tourists hoping to catch pink or white cherry blossoms. When I went to school there I was lucky enough to catch it without too much chaos. Having graduated a few years back, I haven’t gone back since the crowd factor always holds me back. My relatives in NJ offered a local alternative: Branch Brook Park. The park boasts 4100 cherry trees. More than even DC! If you go, maybe you should consider public transportation. Bring a picnic and enjoy the weather!

Park site:

Map of cherry tree locations:

My dad and I drove around the park for a while and found that the northern part (in Belleville) had more trees but was difficult to park. The southern part (in Newark) had a better backdrop with the gorgeous cathedral, lake, and bridge but not as many flowering cherry trees. We were about to park on the street like everyone else but then saw a police car writing up tickets… In the end we parked near the Prudential Lions and took a bunch of photos before jetting off.

Some photos (wallpaper too) from my trip:


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Stargazer said...

Those are so beautiful! I love it when the petals start falling on you. It's like a spring snow.