Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DC Wrap Up May

Yes, I went to DC in Feb. So it hasn't been very long. No new restaurants but new items from familiar places.

National zoo
zoo stop on the red line. besides huge crowds gawking at pandas, the gelato place actually had really good coconut gelato. compared to nyc everything is affortable...it's amazing.

Tombs (previous review)
the first year after I graduated I went back to Georgetown for homecoming and graduation. I missed Tombs both times. the second year after I graduated I went to Tombs every time I visited DC.
//crab & artichoke is still yummy (why can't I find this anywhere else? G. mentioned it must be a crab thing which is a MD/DC thing. sigh)
//had a jambalaya pasta which had a rich creamy sauce but the sausage/shrimps were excellent.
//finally tried a mint julep (and ate all the sweet mint leaves, G. thought it was funny. what people actually wasted good mint leaves? made with maker mark which apparently G. says is approved by his state which makes bourbons. I want a bourbon tasting tour damn it) and liked it a lot. very summer drink, not enough booze (but that's ok I suppose)
in the winter they had a apple cider/bourbon thing that was quite decent too.
//I've always liked Tombs desserts and they had a seasonal strawberry rhubarb pie that I liked. mmmm rhubarb.

Peacock Cafe (website)
3251 Prospect St. (next to Bangkok Bistro) NW. Washington, DC
the first time I went here I didn't know what to order and had a fresh squeezed OJ and a portabello sandwich?
second time I knew better. brunch food is the way to go. although it had been raining B. and I managed to grab a seat outside under some awning. windy but not too cold.
peacock cafe special omelet: ham, mushroom, cheese, and onion.
fresh squeezed mango/papaya/lemon juice(i figured i'd try something interesting)

wow this is the most disorganized entry ever. I hope readers (few of you out there) do forgive me. you mostly want to know the dishes and restaurant info anyway and not my ranting!

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Stargazer said...

Rhubarb sounds good! Maybe we can attempt to make it some day. Tis the season/weather for baking/cooking urges. :)