Friday, April 28, 2006


The Tombs
1226 36th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007
Phone (202) 337-6668

How I managed to not review this fine Georgetown establishment is beyond me. Just a block away from the library, it is always always filled with students. At any given evening, you're bound to find people you know sitting at the table next to you. or better yet, a friend who happens to be part of the waiting staff. Interesting fact, the waiters and waitress all wear nice clean blue shirts with bow ties. Not going to lie, they look good!

While I used to not be thrilled about this place, recently (especially this semester) I have started to enjoy it more.
Maybe it's the study snacks special prices, maybe it's the crowded Thursday afternoon atmosphere, but I'm sure the company I was with made all the difference.

The place is decorated with various Crew items, including oars and photos and paintings. The lighting is usually ambient but the music needs to be louder, either that or the crowd usually drowns out the music.

Get a booth if you can, with comfy couches, privacy for your group, and less probability of hearing the people sitting at the next table having loud and embarassing conversations. Use any means necessary, my favorite time was when Vin told the waiter that we needed a booth because we were "anarchists". It worked though, and we got a huge booth all to the four of us.

The Review
I have to thank Phil for introducing Tomb's Ale to me. I'm usually not a beer fan, given my lightweight, the "glow after half a beer" face, and dislike of bitter stuff. Well, and I haven't had too many kinds of beer to begin with. I guess I was spoiled on Heineken, Corona, Blackbeard's Ale, Guiness, Sam Adams, and Sapporo. All very refreshing and light and not bitter. I've had some good ale at the Triumph Brewery near the border of NJ/PA as well. Anyway, a pitcher of Tomb's Ale is definitely a must for all parties of 4 or more. It's actually not bad, and you know how picky I can get.

As for study snacks (3pm-5pm), the amazing crab and artichoke dip never fails to deliver. This stuff never gets old. Although you probably need to share with a friend due to the share size of it. Hot, gooey, melts in your mouth, served with good French bread, I think I'll go back there next week just to order it again.

Another hot item is the Buffalo Wings, which taste just as good as Wingos', Clydes (well...same owner as Tombs so I guess the similarity is there) and Rhinos. I can't really tell the difference, wings are all good. You can really smell the hot sauce when the wings are served at the table. I was lucky when I ordered it, they gave me less drumsticks, more wings. Well...whatever the piece with the two bones are called, I like those parts of wings better, because they're usually softer and less tough than the other kind.

Calamari is cheaper during study snacks hour, however, it tends to be a little greasy, especially during early afternoon hours when my greasy tolerance is low. Besides, I don't ever want to have fried calamari again after I tried the soft kind at News Cafe.

Never quite hungry enough to get a burger, although they look comparable to the dinner fare and are cheaper. My friends pointed out that many study snack menu items are the same as dinner prices. Well, they have to make money somehow, right?

Chili is good, comparable to Clyde's, although still a bit too sweet for me.

Desserts never really wowed me when I went to Tombs for dinner. Although I keep on getting reminded that the dessert is amazing because the kitchen that makes it also work for 1789, a crazy, fancy, expensive, take your parents to it type of place. I think it's the only reason people remember when Georgetown was the name of the restaurant.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my 1789 experience. but this is a Tombs review after all.

Bottom line
go during study snacks hours with parties of 4 or more, and save money for another place for dinner. Not quite the best place for a date although some days it takes too much effort to walk more than a block away from campus.

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