Friday, April 28, 2006

Chu's Cafe

Next to Booeymonger Deli, this little cafe has very simple tables and chairs, no mood music, only a huge menu on the wall.

I ordered the Spicy Beef Soup Noodle which was served in a huge bowl, with similar designs as the bowls my family have at home. The soup was a bit much to drink though. The noodle they used is the Lo Mein noodle, not too wide, not too skinny. The beef was tender and sweet, with just enough spices and sauces. Chopped up scallion pieces in soup noodle is a must, and they put in plenty of it. Some bits of green baby bok choy? nice! I didn't realize Chinese restaurants around Georgetown actually carried bok choy in their veggie stock. Hunan Peking and Harmony Cafe obviously didn't. If they had veggies, I ususally got carrots, brocolli, water chestnuts, and onions, not that there's anything wrong with that. But bok choy is a hard find, and I love it.

Other dishes I tried are the almond chicken (soft, tender white meat) and sauteed string beans (not very green, maybe different variety of beans?)

The price is reasonable, although the service was lacking. I suppose it's a quick eat place. If it weren't for the soup noodle, I'd probably just order take out and bring it back to my place to enjoy.

It reminds me of home...just a little. probably with the simple no fuss decor and huge bowl of steaming noodles.

Another win for soup noodles!

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