Saturday, April 22, 2006

drinks drinks drinks

-black black coffee: do not ever add sugar in my coffee!
-espresso: only from good cafes and Italian restaurants, duh. must be served in demitasse cup.)
-cherry coke: from Coca Cola Company or regular Coke mixed with grenadine
-Chinese tea: made from tea leaves. red/green/white/mum/whatever. I love them all.
-any Stewart's fountain sodas, but especially orange soda
-milk: 2% or whole, skim for days when I've had too many cups of 2% already.
-water: well duh...not much to say about this one.

-hot or iced strong black/green tea with milk
-coke and Cruzan Rum: vanilla or regular flavored.
-bailey's and milk: try this in the morning when regular milk just doesn't do it.
-apple/cranberry/orange juice: use this ratio 5-dash-1. cran is only there for color and orange for texture. prepare to have a toothache from the sweetness!
-sprite and fruit juice: this works wonders. ratio depends on your carbonation needs.
-cherry coke and root beer: another sugar overdose warning. half and half.
-iced tazo tea lemonade (tried this at a Starbucks the other day, amazing!)
-hot or iced chai: with milk and a lot of cardamom of course

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