Friday, April 21, 2006

white bread and "healthy" food

white bread lovers unite!

I don't like the recent health food trend that involves alienating white bread. Wheat is way overrated, and so is multi-grain. White bread is pure fluff, smooth and tasty. It doesn't get in the way of coldcuts, lettuce, tomatoes, and other ingredients that I make sandwiches with. It also makes the best peanut butter jelly sandwiches because it doesn't happen to have grainy texture that starts to break down when you spread stuff on it.

Is it just me or does wheat/multi-grain have a weird texture to it? I feel like it's way too rough to be eaten. The texture and taste difference is also very obvious in brown rice vs white rice. I love white rice, especially the kind that is sticky and fluffy, not the dry and boring kind.

Never sacrifice taste, eat more white bread and white rice!

Another thing is...I don't care if artificial sweetners don't cause cancer. I don't like their taste. This one time I bought artificially sweetened ice cream because I wasn't paying attention to the labels. I ended up trashing the thing. What happened to my ice cream?

For pure taste reasons, I love and will not compromise on the following:
-white bread
-cane sugar
-real butter
-whole milk, although recently I've been drinking more 2% milk...oh well.
-skin of chicken, duck, fish, etc. yes, the stuff dripping with fat is delicious. try it!
-real ice cream

the only "healthy" alterations I don't mind are:
-low fat yogurt (smooth kind, without fruit pieces)
-2% milk
-healthy choice canned soup (the kind with low sodium)
-"baked" chips, although I still love the regular kind.
-egg whites

I had a discussion with a friend the other day and we agreed that people in general needs to control their portion intake. If you stuff 10 servings of "healthy" wheat bread down, you're not taking advantage of its healthy benefits.

So some people may point to my genes and high metabolism and say that's why I can eat whatever I want. I say I also have better portion control. I'm not eating "low fat" chips all day, or eating 5 servings of wheat bread per meal. and I'm definitely not eating "low-fat" ice cream after every meal either.

Eat what you like, but don't overeat, that's my philisophy. If you can't be happy with what you're eating, the stress will kill you.

and please, don't kid yourself with that salad doused with fatty dressing. while you're "dieting", I'll be having a burger and enjoy every bit of it.

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