Friday, March 28, 2008

Week Roundup

So much for "avoiding" to eat out this week after last week's chain of restaurants.

Mon-congee and pastrami and pickles left over from Artie's.
Tues-more congee and veggies
Wed-gave up on trying to eat "healthy" and went out for Korean BBQ at Wonjo (see below for details, it's probably the Korean BBQ place that I go to the most.)
Thurs-had "spicy" wings at B.B. Kings and saw Edwin McCain there. Great venue, awesome music (sweet guitars), wings not spicy enough even with extra hot sauce (sigh, I should just make my own). K. managed to impress the bartender with his drink selections: 2 beers (they didn't have Sams on draft, oh no!), 1 glenlivet scotch, and 1 tanqueray gin/greygoose vodka dirty martini (bartender personally came out to meet this "character", and asked about why on earth the gin/vodka combo. too funny.)
Fri-had "organic" sandwich and salad at Le Pain Quotidien. The apple cider+ginger hot drink was really kicking and yummy (almost as good as ginger honey I'd say) although expensive. But who doesn't like expensive sandwiches and organic food? Anyway, I had the special basil pesto chicken tartine with a kind of pear (forgot the name already, starts with a b) and pine nuts. Ok, it's kind of ridiculous but I love pine nuts and macadamia nuts (especially roasted). The salad we got was a beet+butter squash+mixed greens that just tasted wonderful. You really can't go wrong with sweet things in salads.

23 W. 32nd St (on K-town block, btw 6th and 5th)
Originally we had planned to go for Korean fried chicken and a pitcher of Killians at Bonchon but the place was too crowded (on a Wed. night too!) so we went for some BBQ. We had 1 kimchi pancake to start. then for the bbq we ordered 2 special kalbi (beef rib), 1 beef brisket, and 1 bulkoki (more beef!) Thankfully I was with 3 guys so of course we finished everything (and had room for pinkberry, yay. the line was long as usual, boo.) We must had 4 refills on the kimchi (surprising) and 2 refills on the lettuce wraps. I had forgotten how much I loved those wonton wrapper things too. Slippery and totally hands on (ahem, some people were just too ambitious with their chopsticks). The best though? Putting beef inside a piece of lettuce, then adding hot peppers and kimchi before wrapping) Eating those raw hot peppers kind of hurt though, in a good way. Since they never have draft stuff (unless I'm wrong?), I got a cold sake (next time I really need to get some rice or starchy things to balance out the alcohol blah). I tried the warm sake too but I guess I'm just not used to it with my hot bbq? Sojou was a little too sweet for my bbq. I think I prefer it in the nice decanter at Bonchon and in that room with the flickering candles. Something about that place just makes sojou bearable.

Will try to spend less money going out next week, we'll see how that goes.

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