Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

Sometimes simple is best. My friend S. visited me this weekend and I would categorize the visit as pretty low-key compared to other adventures we’ve done before in NYC (sometimes involving many subway transfers). She took more pics of our food adventures (maybe I’ll post some here later).

Lunch – spinach salad with canned tuna, garden variety sprouts (whole foods sprouts section scares and amazes at the same time, garden variety consists of clover, radish, and fennel), grilled artichokes, fresh granny smith apple, fresh mango, grated parmesan, and olives. ice tea made with a combo of peach tea from Charleston and red tea from Argo.

Afternoon – took a walk around the seaport and waterfront. Lovely day and nice view of bridges.

photo 2 (1)

Dinner – attended our friend W’s bridal shower at Joyce Bake Shop in Brooklyn. Cute place with excellent tea, food, and service. Everyone looked gorgeous. The d├ęcor is also very cute (spoon sets, round and square waffle irons, and even a coffee grinder). The place is also conveniently located near Grand Army Plaza, a used book store, and Ample Hills ice cream.

Origami lessons with Michael LaFossee (butterfly DVD). Arg forgot to take pics of those. they made for lovely gifts!

Breakfast – breakfast sandwiches from Financier. Pretty much can’t go wrong there, especially for people who want food on a weekend before 11am (apparently standard brunch time for many places near me).

Lunch – dim sum in Chinatown with S.’s family. It’s always very special to see three generations having food together (or just hanging out together in general).

Post-lunch Dessert (me only) – Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. Zen  Butter flavor. The fact this flavor is under “regular” and not “exotic” should tell you something about the selection of flavors at this place. The reason they have so many flavors even in winter is because the line literately never stops.

photo 1 (2)

Now that I’ve gone through all our activities, maybe it wasn’t all so low-key after all… good times!

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