Sunday, March 23, 2014

Castle in Manhattan

I posted a few pictures of J and I from our recent visit to Belvedere Castle on facebook the other day and a few friends had asked me where I found this castle. Good news for castle enthusiasts, you can find Belvedere Castle in the kingdom of … NYC (Central Park). Simply enter central park around 79th street on the west side (near natural history museum) and walk into the park and veer slightly northward once you’re more inside.
For more central park explorations (and helpful ways to get lost and found again), I recommend the official park app which lists various attractions, GPS navigation help, and tour schedule. If you haven’t done a walking tour yet, I strongly recommend it for learning more about the park’s history and design. Since the park is so large, there are several different tours that focus on different areas. If you enjoy drawing, I recommend the central park sketching meetup group.
We also spotted many birds (including a hawk) on our trip. Did you know central park has 200+ different kinds of birds? Pretty amazing huh? Clearly, the birds know a good place when they see it. I need to find a birding tour one of these days. 
Another famous sight which requires no introduction. To find it, look for the boat house and follow the water southward. Don’t miss the celestial tiles and music underneath the stairs (people always use the echo to sound off choir music).
Don’t have the name of this particular bridge. There are many bridges in Central Park which are lovely for picture backdrops. I’ve also included a pic from a previous trip where the water froze over.
More Central Park pics to come in spring. If you missed the autumn pics, they are in my previous post on jazz and colors here.

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