Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Bowery and Delancey

Below are some pics from the St Paul and the Broken Bones show at Bowery Ballroom. It was my first show at the Bowery and I loved it. It is conveniently located to a variety of food choices and transit options (subway, bus, etc). Makes me wonder why it took me this long to see a show there. Some additional notes about the venue: it has 3 levels, all equipped with a bar or two. When you enter, you are on the lowest level (find your bathrooms and coat checks and couches here. Rest up before the show! I heard the opening band Dough Rollers play (more on their site) but I couldn't find the entrance to the main area. Turns out it's right next to the ladies bathroom. Just head over there and you'll find a way to the main area. After you scope out the stage and the surrounding area, you can find another set of stairs to the balcony. The bar on the balcony was the least crowded so I got a brooklyn lager there. 

For the duration of the show, I actually stayed on the main area, about 10 rows of standing people away from the stage. The crowd was responsive but they should have danced/moved a bit more (the music demanded real gospel style participation!)

Get tickets quick before they sell out! I always find it interesting to see which shows sell out vs not. Give those sold out bands a try on spotify. and see what all the fuss is all about!

bought swag for my next concert, since the coat check line was long as expected. 

To find out more about the band, check out their Call me youtube video. This song was the one that got me curious. What a voice! Then I listened to the entire album on spotify and decided I needed to see them live.
You can also read a nice write-up on the band NPR.

Watch this band in the upcoming months. I have no doubt lead singer Paul's voice will reach other fans looking for a bit of that southern sunshine, warm cheer, and that rock and soul from the talented musicians in the band. I also highly recommend Bowery Ballroom as a venue to see great shows. Already got tickets for another show in a month!

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