Thursday, February 02, 2012

DC Winter Fun

MLK weekend isn’t typically the weekend people leave town but I decided it was a needed trip after a “not-so-quiet” December. You know, the dead time when people take vacations and the people who go to work get to do organizational stuff and 2-hour lunches? Yea, definitely didn’t happen. Anyway, went to stay with T. for a weekend and thankfully the weather worked out.

I made a list of things to write about and given it’s been 2 weeks, I’ll just have to pick my battles… On with the highlights!

Pies and Music - We ate savory and sweet pies at Dangerously delicious pies [link]before heading to Rock n roll hotel (link, not an actual hotel) for a live show. The space would have been awesome for a summer night because there was a rooftop. Having already had my booze fix from the pie place, I just got some cider and water instead. I have to say I’m not that crazy with standing room only concerts… but the place was really cool and nothing beats live concerts. 

Travel Planning – One of the things T. and I. always complain about is we never get to hang out and plan fun stuff since we don’t see each other very often. Besides all the sightseeing and going out, we did use the weekend to work on a couple of fun projects. You may be aware of the travel list we’ve kept for a few years [link] and haven’t been put into action. Well, this year we’re planning our first trip – New Orleans Jazz Fest. note to self, need to start a new blog for our first trip. and no, it wasn’t not even on our original list (but it’s always undergoing revisions). Anyway, besides nailing down a weekend (which took forever, and we still haven’t gotten tickets/hotels…sigh), we also worked on our Amazing Race application just for fun. It’s not an easy process, after reading the fine print (and certifying that we’re ok with dangerous travelling), I kind of chickened out and don’t want to submit the app now. But it’s still kind of fun. I suppose the video will just have to wait for another day. Prior to the DC trip, I also signed up for just to try it out. It worked out pretty well and I was able to do my planning in the tool itself (including train tickets/times/concert listings/contact info).

MLK memorial on MLK day – I heard about the new MLK memorial [link] but didn’t realized I actually got to see it on MLK day. Many people showed up (local and visiting) to read through his quotes and take photos around the statue/tidal basin. I’m always on the lookout for good quotes. So here’s one:
Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

Mt Vernon [link]
I’m just amazed that I’ve never visited Mt Vernon during my college years. The exhibits are well put together with tons of multi-media. The house/farm/surrounding are gorgeous without being overly elaborate, nice example of the First Family of the U.S.

The Rest:

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