Saturday, July 30, 2011

C. and T. Travel List

My friend T. is probably one of the two people in the world that I would pick for an Amazing Race team. Between her Japanese, French, and my Chinese, Spanish, and enough street smarts and toughness and travel happy New Yorker spirit in us, I’m pretty sure we will wow the television viewers and find our way around obscure streets and airports and even cuisine. But since we’re not planning to sign up for the race show any time soon, we have discussed ways to fill up our passports in other ways. We added some domestic places just for kicks. Some of these places will be repeats, but the point is we have to travel together before crossing it off.
Basically, through working too much and not having employment and being students, T. and I barely travelled together! Besides the occasional  anime convention and outing in NYC, we always talk about the time when we will have enough time, money, and energy to travel. Well, maybe that time is now, where we don’t have “enough” anything but try our best anyway!. It’s time to put our talks to action.
We’ve put our foot down and compiled a draft list (to be revised and crossed off as we complete them) of places to visit together before we each get married to some lucky soul. Why such a strange condition? As cynical as it sounds, free time and energy truly belongs to the young and unattached citizens of the world. We will likely start a tumblr or separate blog for photos or something when we make our first trip. Just making it up as we go along!

Updated July 30, 2011
Progress: I went to SF finally, but was unable to set up any travel plans with T. in the meantime.

Czech: Prague
England: London
France: Paris
Germany: Berlin 
Greece: Mykonos 
Italy: Venice, Florence, Milan, Rome  
Spain: Barcelona, Madrid  
Turkey: Istanbul

China: Shanghai
Japan: Kyoto

Canada: Quebec  
USA: San Francisco, Chicago
Peru: Machu Picchu
Brazil: Sao Paulo, Rio


T-Bone said...

I'm trying to figure out locations in South America or Africa but am at somewhat of a loss...

Oh, are we making a domestic locations list?

st2128 said...

San Paolo, Brazil
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Buenos Aires, Argentina
New Zealand during summer