Saturday, January 28, 2012

Broadway on a Friday

The winter weather has not been typical this year. After a small snow fall last weekend, we've had rain and some days with high in the 60s. Needless to say, made me want to stay out longer.

The original plan was to catch an early evening movie and then go home. The only show that fit the timing criteria and was somewhat interesting in content was the Marilyn movie. And it was only playing at time square theater. I took the subway there just to find out the local high school already lined around the corner due to some better movie coming out. Instead of dealing with the crowd I roamed around Time Square for other ideas.

I've always wondered about Mary Poppins on Broadway. I've enjoyed the stories and most of the songs from the Disney movie. The ticket booth in front of the theater was selling tickets so I got a show that starts in 2 hours. In the next two hours I looked up all kinds of toys in the time square toys r us (best lego section ever?). For food, as luck would have it, there was a empanada stand in the middle of time square. I got the 3 empanada special. Two savory (spicy chicken, mushroom) and a sweet one (apple cranberry) for dessert. The evening was cool but leaning against the outdoor table with the time square lights around me was quite nice.

Most New Yorkers don't like Time Square due to the tourist and crowd factor, but you can't help but feel happy for the tourists when you are there. They find everything fascinating. Not far from the theater there is also a three story Walgreens. I can't remember if this is a new addition to the neighborhood but I decided to check it out.

They have fruit and sandwiches on the first floor, cosmetics on the second, and souvenirs on the third (including a photo booth). I was amused to find the coke freestyle machine there although nobody seemed to be lining up for it. Maybe people weren't looking for iced drinks on a winter evening?

Mary Poppins was playing at the New Amsterdam Theater. Prior to checking out the gorgeous theater and decor, I had no idea this place was landmarked. Anyway, the show was awesome, especially the set where they show different levels of the house, and the scene with all the dancing.

A listing of all my shows (not a long list…I usually save my broadway shows for visitors):
42nd street
Les Miserables
Miss Saigon
Kiss Me Kate
Phantom of the Opera
Avenue Q
Mamma Mia
Mary Poppins

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