Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sal Anthony's S.P.Q.R.

133 Mulberry Street (Little Italy)
Feast of San Gennaro started Sept 11 and my friends just happened to find ourselves there, dining under a tent outside of SPQR. The weather was beautiful and what a night to be spending time doing a bit of wine and dine?!
pre-fixe apparently went on all throughout the night thanks to the festival. Let's see if I can remember the items that I consumed
//sweet melon prosciutto
I liked this but would have enjoyed cantalope more than the honeydew they used. just a personal reference though, the honeydew was very ripe and juicy.
//trout with garlic and rosemary
fantastic flavored fish and a more generous portion than expected. T. and I both had this and had trouble finishing. I was hoping for a light piece of fish for the summer but instead got quite a savory punch. I would recommend this again.
I'm not sure why I even ordered this...since I really have my taste buds set on Ferrara (blog entry)
Oh, we also got a pitcher of Sangria which was somewhat light but sweet. 
Definitely want to check out more of the festival for the street food later.

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