Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ferrara in Little Italy

Ferrara Café
195 Grand Street (between Mulberry and Mott)
New York City, NY 10013
telephone (212) 226-6150
fax (212) 226-0667

Note: there's also a small booth near Columbus Circle that has coffee and cannolis. Definitely good for those cold winter days where you need something sweet and hot!

*Cafe Latte
-the reason I love this is because their espresso is amazing. I got a small bottle of the Instant Espresso for home and even liked it.

*Glass of Churchill's Port
-why nobody ever introduced me to this sweet delicious drink is beyond me. Smells and tastes good, perfect with the sweets.

*Chocolate Dipped Cannoli: Chocolate dipped crispy tube, with ricotta cream & chocolate chips
-if you go to Ferrara and don't order their cannoli, I really don't know what to say. Always a favorite of mine even if I do like trying new things some days too.

*Lobster Tail: Crisp flaky pastry filled with Bavarian cream.
-I can eat the cream in this and a cannoli every day and be perfectly happy.

*White Chocolate Raspberry Ribbon: Chocolate raspberry cream filling, chocolate cake with white chocolate ribbon curls.
- a bit on the rich side, but still very good.

*Tiramisu: Portion is meant to be shared. love it!

*Hazelnut - incredibly nutty and delicious
*Guava - sweet and a little tart
*Manga - tastes just like real mango

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