Saturday, September 06, 2008

Brasserie 360

200 East 60th Street (at 3rd Ave)

//Pomegranate cocktail - looks like a cosmo but has pom juice instead of cranberry. T. and I both loved this. The website menu components are slightly different from the menu I saw in the restaurant. I figure they mix it up but keep the theme of pomegranate. 
//Jade - lychee liquor with some stuff. looks pretty but T. wasn't crazy about it.

//Brasserie 360 Burger with greens on the side. 
//Thyme Poached Chicken salad - definitely gave you enough food for your money...the giant bowl was slightly intimidating. T. and I loved it though. Let's see...the website description is below: 
Julienne Apples, Endive, Gra pe Tomato, Avocado, Red Onion, Mix Greens, Sherry Vinaigrette.
Funny, I don't remember avocado...

//Black and White Chocolate Mousse
We were quite full after our dinner but wanted to try some sweets. It does not disappoint. Otherwise the dessert menu is pretty standard, with your usual offering of various pie/ chocolate products and ice cream/sorbet.

I suppose it's got that "outdoor" dining feel without being completely exposed to the elements. We sat in a section with clear walls. Basically, the walls (doors) can be slided open to the outside. We had enough space to ourselves (it is mid/uptown after all!). I can't remember the specific decors though.

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Azrael said...

That's 'cause I ate all the avocado first...