Sunday, January 06, 2008

Around the World in NYC

My culinary adventures in NYC. or rather, "How to try different country's cuisines without ever leaving NYC!"
  • Boqueria (post) //Spanish Tapas

  • Alice Teacup (post) //British afternoon tea/sandwiches

  • Bryant Park Grill (post) // French/American

  • Vietnamese Pho / next to Spicy Tasty. a Cantonese restaurant closed down and this Pho place took over. They got our orders wrong and we're not going back again. The Pho place next to the library is still my favorite.

  • Home Made (post) //Italian inspired foods for New Year's Eve

  • East Buffet (another branch of East, on Main St. web)//Cantonese Dim Sum

  • Cafe Bar (post) //Greek
  • Omonia Cafe //Greek /Astoria. I was craving dessert (baklava) and got it there. They also have other tantalizing treats. There's always next time! 32-20 Broadway, Astoria, Queens (near NW Broadway stop)718.274.6650

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