Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cafe Bar

32-90 36th St, Astoria, Queens. (corner of 34th ave and 36th st)

My first visit to Astoria, after everyone's been raving about the Greek neighborhood and Greek food. Somewhat far off the main road after you get off at the NW Broadway Stop.

I recommend the hot meze and fish roe hummus dip.
Hot meze//grilled halloumi, loukaniko, sliced beet root, tahini. / Now that I'm finally home, I looked up all of the unknown ingredients in wiki and linked them. It's not that I don't trust T.'s vague exlanation, "some kind of cheese" and "some kind of "meat", I just want to know exactly what I'm eating.

The fresh fruit juice selection is great. I had a cool calm calcium which was a concoction made from apples, grapes, and lemon. The sandwiches were huge. My roast pork halloumi was half gone. Perhaps we shouldn't have gone so crazy with the appetizers.

The lounge couches next to the "controversial" painting that T. swore she never noticed were nice touches too. Ahem. Otherwise very interesting decor and Depeche Mode/techno trance music but with a tv playing BET videos. You know you're not in Manhattan anymore when...

I can't wait to try more Greek food in Astoria!

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