Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bryant Park Grill

Bryant Park Grill
25 West 40th Street (next to NY Public Library, on east side of Bryant Park)

Somewhat of a small dinner but after the late and rather large portioned lunch, I'm glad to sample some appetizers in a setting as cheery as Bryant Park. Bryant Park during the holidays is especially magical with warm glow from holiday shops and the colorfully adorned Christmas tree (from Quebec this year) and of course, the ice skating rink and even a merry-go-around!

//Timbale of Tuna and Salmon Belly Tartar / wasabi aioli, served with crusty bread / I have had a beef tartar once at Les Halles. Although the flavor was quite nice, I still felt weird ingesting raw beef. This one did not scare me as much since I love raw tuna and salmon. The presentation is as expected from any French restaurant, beautiful and elegant, but also not over the top.
//Grilled asparagus / I'm annoyed when I make asparagus that they don't taste as good as when I get them at a restaurant. Thank God I'm in NY so going out to eat is quite normal and frequent.

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