Monday, October 19, 2015

Crisp Autumn Notes

I am sure everyone has those moments when one is too busy having fun to write about how much fun they are having. Just came back from an active vacation in Colorado followed by a non stop weekend.

In any case, instead of staring at my list of backlog, I am going to try a weekend recap. (Pardon errors as I am using the ipad and needs to do more editing when back to computer.)

The Rise at Old Westbury Garden features 5000+ pumpkins carved into various jack o latern or pop culture icons. The event attracted people of all age groups.

My favorites below:

The show also featured a soundtrack that fit the mood in the garden. the ghost walk path was probably more romantic than scary (only path without a huge crowd). As estimated on their site, we spent about 40 min walking through it, with some photo ops.

Oyster Bay oyster festival
W. and I surveyed the ever growing selection of food and decided to stick to basics. We braved the line for 15 raw oysters (expert tip: each LIRR oyster fest package comes with oyster vouchers. And bring food / drinks while waiting for oysters or have friends bring food from other food stands). We also ate pupusas, Manhattan chowder (they ran out of New England style 1 hour into fest), and soft-shell crab. J. gave us his extra oyster ticket and also offered some hot funnel cakes (the best, just be prepared to be sacrifice your clothes to powdered sugar). After browsing pirates, fire boat, and art/food vendors, we grabbed hot chocolate and headed to LIRR home.

NYRO concert -
community orchestra concert set at very beautiful church in midtown. Suggested $10 tix totally worth the impressive program for every concert. Be sure to save the dates. the latest concert reminded me how much I liked Brahms yet how little of his work I know. Should also look into Virgil Thompson Louisiana Story.

I need to start a list of flute musicians and composer I hear at these concerts so I could follow their tours and listen more! Always more Bach esp for flutes (also need to play more Bach too). need to look more into Julius Baker and legacy. And wooden flute headjoint sported by Bart Feller. Look up Mimi Stillman in Philly.

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