Sunday, October 25, 2015

Colorado Trip Notes

I visited Colorado for the first time and wanted to share some sights and tips from my visit. I enjoyed both Denver and Boulder and would definitely come back for more fun. Some specifics around restaurants / hikes / beers / food stuffs have all gone out of my head. hopefully S. and T. have better notes and/or memory and can add a bit more.

day 1 Denver

beautiful airport with tent structure and fantastic lighting


16th st free mall ride

state Capitol building. restoration of house and senate chambers (check it out next time). hall of president portraits.


Tattered Cover Bookstore with coffee and ice cream shop (reminds me more of Powell's than Strand)

Wynkoop Brewery. Rail yard Amber ale (also part of the downtown brewery listing from the visitor center. food was also pretty good. I ordered trout with polenta.

Union Station. yet another station that’s prettier than our Penn Station. I didn’t take the train and we walked inside where they had many food shops and even décor for Halloween.


day 2 Boulder

We took Green Ride from Denver to Boulder.

walking around on Pearl St. one memory store was the puzzle store and one memorable street art was watching people make art by sticking leaves and flowers on the rock with water slowly running down it.

tried a pumpkin cannoli from this shop:

hiking and panorama views (photo from S.)


French restaurant near pearl st. I think it was brasserie ten ten? great happy hour specials

SFjazz Michael Jackson tribute (with jazz interpretation)

day 3

origami convention


west end tavern rooftop – forgot which beer I had? smoker selection (pork, chicken, sausages)

day 4

flat iron coffee.

flat hiking around Sawhill Ponds


celestial seasoning tea tour learned about herbal infusions and the overpowering “mint room”. of course sample all the teas there ( I liked watermelon zinger and chamomile lavender) and buy some gifts for your friends and family back home! I enjoyed reading about the history and also looking at the illustrations that they have for each tea.


teahouse lunch (amazing décor outside and inside, visit it!) we sipped some tea and I loved the Mediterranean salad which came with hummus, grape leaves, and olives

street art near the teahouse


more hiking with more slope and views Chautauqua

chophouse and tavern (??) split lamb chops with T.

we sampled java porter (coffee flavored beer) at mountain sun bar and caught haymarket square 'punkgrass' band performance. the bar also offered prime people watching opportunity. we saw poker players, board game groups, dancers, couples, visitors, and more.

day 5

the buff for breakfast

Next Time:


  • Colorado Beer Tour iOS App. I consulted this along with Yelp for a few good outings.
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Visitor Centers and Trail Maps


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool mentions. Wynkoff Brewery, the Governor used to be a partner investor. He has since sold his share years ago. Union station is beautiful and was completed only a few years ago. Glad you visited a few sites. Rocky mtns. and Estes Park, your next stops.

st2128 said...

ThaNks for preserving memories