Sunday, July 22, 2012

New York kind of weekend

Friday Evening
Smorgas for dinner with J. to celebrate my move. Traditional smorgasbord with Mikkeller beer, and lingonberry crepe for dessert. All recommended for future visits. My favorite part of the bord was probably the gravlaks and potatoes. Herring is still an acquired taste for me, I really had to get used to the texture. Random thought while eating crepe: if lingonberry were more popular in the U.S., would we still obsess over it as much?

Saturday Afternoon
New Museum Block Party with S. Creative crafts to start out the afternoon (orange colored sunglasses rocked my world. I need to find a pic of the magnetic poetry that S. made), followed by a view of the new Ghosts in the Machine exhibit which emphasized machinery/optical art/geometric shapes. I didn’t take a photo of this one particular object so I will try to describe it. Basically the artist started out with a square/rectangle piece of gossamer fabric, then tied four small weights to its four corners. A fan is set below the center of fabric and blows in different directions. The result is the fabric moving in a wave-like manner, while being suspended in mid-air. It’s simple yet so creative at the same time. I found it quite relaxing to watch, compared to some of the other objectives they had on display. A photo of some crazy looking animal sculptures from the Parade exhibit below, in the neighboring studio.


Saturday Evening
Prospect Park Jazz Concert. Part of Celebrate Brooklyn concert series (suggested $3 donation). Featuring Arturo Sandoval / Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra. Gotta love summer concert season, especially in New York.


Sunday Afternoon
Destination was set to be High Line park but the way there was anything but direct. Since the subway is hot in the summer, walking and bus all seem better modes of transportation. I wandered through Chinatown and SoHo before getting on a bus to the street near the park. On the way, I admired the sunroof of the Apple Store in SoHo and some new games and apps on the new ipads. Just in case you don’t need more apple devices and don’t find yourself visiting frequently, the store also features performance/talks series. This upcoming week they have Kenny Garrett and Martha Stewart. Look forward to exploring some of these in the future (note to self, add calendar to already long calendar of book events at B&N and Strand…)


Sunday Afternoon/Early Evening

High Line. This deserves its own entry. Link here: TBD

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