Tuesday, June 05, 2012

30 Days of Queens: Day Five – Barone Pizza

Everyone loves New York thin crust pizza. My neighborhood pizza joint (in Flushing on Main Street of all places) is right under the LIRR bridge. Come to think of it, my favorite scallion pancake place (should be a dedicated post all together) is also under the bridge on the other side of the street.


My regular order is a slice of mushroom pizza with a shake of pepper flakes and a bottle of Snapple. I keep on meaning to try the other items like chicken rolls (J’s favorite) or ziti but always fail to make the leap.

In the summer, Barone Pizza opens up an Italian ice stand that probably offers the best tasting and best priced sweets on the street. Very frequently on a hot day, I would literately walk by, pick up an ice, and eat it on the way home. By the time I get to my apt, the ice would be gone and I would have been much cooler.

Will have to be on the look out for the new neighborhood pizza place…

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