Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tech Review - Kindle

In the past few months I’ve had some experience with rather leading technology and tools. I wanted to share some of my thoughts.


bottom line: e-book reader that is easy on the eyes


Easy to use. Good battery life. Buying a book takes 1 click and a few seconds to download. (no more trips to the bookstore or shipping&handling charges!) Prices very reasonable. Mimics the book experience since it looks like printed word on paper. Font size is easy to adjust. No need to setup wi-fi or internet connection or anything. Awesome function to look up unfamiliar word in dictionary. Light weight.


No frills besides e-book function. In today’s market, everyone wants multi-tasking tools. Although Kindle has beta music and internet capability, they are very limited. i.e. music doesn’t do playlist and internet doesn’t work with every website, etc.


I subscribed to the New York Times and bought a few books (free and regular priced). Since the newspaper is organized nicely (by category, headline, etc), I actually read through all of the Sunday Times from front to back successfully. No ads either! can I go back to not having a kindle? I actually use the local library a lot for many newer books, so I was hesitant to use the kindle at first. I think it’s the best way to read the NY Times and longer (heavier) books though. I also like browsing a physical bookstore. I can see how a kindle can be useful for out-of-print books and new books (that are flying off the shelves).

unexpected effect:

Well, for one, I actually read much faster now (even on regular paper) because it’s really fast to skim on the kindle. Maybe people should train their kids to speed-read by getting some kids books on the kindle.


Download samples of books if you’re trying it out! Also there are many free books through Amazon and other websites to get you started.

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