Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tech Review - Ipad

Ok so I probably use this more than my mom who technically is the owner of the Ipad…but I’ve used it enough to get a good feel for it.


bottom line: beautiful and entertainment gadget that will replace your coffee-table book and digital photo frame. 


Insanely easy to use. My grandmother who doesn’t speak English or know how to use a computer was able to navigate photos on the ipad. Everything about the Ipad experience is pristine. If you want to look up a new car or a product and show it to someone else, instead of using the laptop or phone, use the ipad! Fun apps also attract dozens to the Apple Store to play. The Chinese handwriting input keyboard won my parents over. (Apparently Google pinyin is not fast enough for them? which is weird…)


The Ipad does so much that it’s very hard to focus on just one thing. I know I can read the NY Times on there too (and it looks really pretty with colorful photos) but I always get distracted and move to something else (yay games and new apps!) Although the Ipad is lightweight compared to most laptops, I still wouldn’t bring it with me on the train (unlike the kindle). We haven’t taken it out of the living room yet. The keyboard (horizontal mode) is big enough for fat fingers but still not possible to type like a regular keyboard.


For the record, I didn’t buy it. It was a gift from a relative to my mom. Email/photo/youtube and all the pre-set apps work very well. Some apps are awful (early stage) while others are truly amazing.

unexpected effect:

I actually really wanted an iphone after I played with the ipad since the interface would be similar. Everything is so simple and smooth!


Use the photo function to show off your vacation photos for grandma!

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