Sunday, May 23, 2010

Copper Chimney

126 East 28th Street, NY, NY
Menu Pages:

//Dahi Aloo Puri: crispy mini poori's filled with potatoes, and chickpeas in yogurt, tamarind sauce, and sprinkled with chat masala. This was very sweet (from the tamarind sauce) and I was surprised it came out cold. probably won’t get it again.

//lamb vindaloo: not too spicy as some other curry places I’ve tried, but very flavorful, be sure to get enough rice/naan to enjoy the sauce! will definitely get it again.
//Nilgiri Korma: lamb cooked with fresh mint, coriander and coconut milk. I liked this one. relatively mild to start but eventually got more spicy, maybe because I was also eating some vindaloo too.
//rice and naan. Since the dishes don’t come with anything, we ordered one portion of rice and one portion of naan. Apparently they were still not enough because we ended up with left-over curry and not enough rice/naan to eat it with. Sigh.

On a weekday early evening this place was quiet. Walking distance to Shake Shack if you want dessert afterwards. I still miss combo Indian dishes because I can get a meat and then vegetable sides and rice/naan. Oh well, I guess not everybody wants everything at once.

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