Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amazing Italian Sandwich

Torrisi Italian Specialties
250 Mulberry St, NY, NY

I met a bunch of S.’s friends from college for a reunion and this was the lunch spot where we got together. Unfortunately we didn’t realize the seating capacity is minimal and had to take our food to the park nearby. Granted, we ended up eating in a garden and surrounded by roses and greens. Not too shabby.

The line wasn’t too long but we had to wait outside due to space limitations and the fact that we were party of 8. A friendly patron recommended the chicken parm sandwich and told us it’s definitely worth the wait. 4 or 5 of us ended up getting it. I was scanning the menu and couldn’t decide whether I wanted an Italian combo or just make my own hero. In the end I was too hungry to figure it out so I just went for the Italian combo.

Italian combo $9
Ham, Genoa salami, sopressata, pepperoni, provolone, lettuce, tomato, seeded Italian bread, spicy optional (50 cents more).
I ended up getting the spicy option which wasn’t that spicy but did add some extra flavor to the sandwich. If you think you can’t finish this sandwich, you're out of luck because this option doesn’t come on a roll (smaller option).  

Next time I go to SOHO and crave food I’ll probably hit this place. Next time I crave good Italian cold cuts, I’ll probably go here as well. Their eggplant side dish and the eggplant parm both looked amazing (if you like eggplant, which I love). Apparently they have coke in a classy glass bottle too, for those who are interested.

From the website and reviews it looks like they also serve dinner but I’m not sure how the small space can accommodate people. Get there early or go elsewhere, I guess.

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