Friday, April 23, 2010

New Stadium New Season

Yesterday I visited the new Mets Stadium with Fyrna. The NY Mets were playing against the Chicago Cubs. Yes, so this is the second season for the stadium but I didn’t make it to a game last year.

I liked the rotunda and the championship trophies inside the museum. My favorite spots have to be the two bridges (Shea bridge and another one that I forgot). If you visit the stadium be sure to walk around and explore! We got seats in the 504 section which is near the first base/right field area. A nice view actually. We actually saw the beautiful sunset.


Everyone’s been telling me about the amazing food selection and they do not disappoint. I thought I got to the stadium early enough for ShakeShack but the line was huge. Right next to it is Blue Smoke which had no lines! I decided to try the pulled-pork sandwich. It came on a nice bun with some thin slices of pickles. Delicious! Next time I may try some seafood at Catch of the Day though. A tip for foodies, if you want a place to eat, you may have to walk a bit. The small tables near ShakeShack and Blue Smoke are very popular. After eating our dinner we found a market where you can buy fresh fruit (crazy huh?)

We walk to seats and start to watch the game. After an inning or so I noticed something was missing: baseball commentators! If you watch the game on tv or listen to it on the radio, you know what I’m talking about! Instead I had to check the board to see what the call was for the pitch, as well as pitch counts. Funny enough, in the bathrooms they do have WFAN 660AM which obviously has the running game commentary. Some fans were smart and brought their little radios. I may consider it next time.


Another note to self: Don’t underestimate the cold evenings in April! Last time I went to an April game I had to buy a hoodie because I was freezing.  This time the hoodie and jacket still weren’t enough. I may need to wear a winter coat and carry a blanket next time. I blame it on the wind chill.

Just in case you thought I didn’t watch the game, I’ll do a bit of summary here. Both starting pitchers  (Santana vs. Gorzelanny) did really well so the game was scoreless for the first 5 or so innings. Luckily for us, the game started to pick up soon, and it was the kind of scoring I enjoy watching (the kind where people bat, run, and drive in runs as opposed to just solo homeruns). I almost wanted to leave after 6th inning but then the Cubs started catching up so we stayed for a bit longer (Mets went through 3 pitchers from the bullpen in one inning I think?) Anyway, K-Rod was amazing so I’m glad we stayed a little bit longer. In order to catch the train and avoid the crowd we ended up going home after top of the 8th inning (4-2). The final score was 5-2.

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