Friday, March 19, 2010

Avocado Shake

When I have a lot of fruit left over, I try to come up with new ways to eat them. Last time, I had to many mangos, and came up with mango crepes. This time I’m dealing with avocados. Besides making them into guacamole, I like to have avocado in my egg sandwiches or egg salads. Sometimes I also eat them raw with a bit of black pepper. I searched in my past entries and found a good salad I made as well. [avocado salad

Just as I was wondering what to do with the bag of soft avocados, I remembered that I had sampled an avocado shake back in Chicago’s Chinatown. [see menu] While it was delicious, it was a bit too rich and I recall that the servicing size was very generous. Anyways, I looked up avocado shake recipes online and found a few here and here. Since I was making this test batch for my grandma and she’s diabetic, I decided to substitute half a banana instead of adding sugar. My modified recipe below:

Ingredients (serves 2)
-half of a ripe avocado
-half a ripe banana
-1 and a half cup low-fat milk (skim is probably better but I just took whatever was in the fridge)

1. Cut avocado in half, scoop out half and place in blender
2. Put the half banana in the blender (I sliced it but I’m sure it’s unnecessary)
3. Use the blender to Chop, Blend, and Stir until smooth
4. Pour shake in two glasses and serve!

The banana was actually enough to make the shake a little bit sweet without going overboard. I think a bit of honey on top could have been nice too. The color of the shake is light green, perfect for a sunny spring day. It provides just enough energy for me after a long walk. 

I also looked up some Chinese recipes (example here). They all recommended an apple to go with the recipe. The site also claims that drinking avocado shakes regularly will naturally enhance a woman’s breasts… 

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