Monday, July 06, 2009

BBQ and Fireworks

Independence Day weekend came and went. Luckily we had beautiful weather in Long Island. J. and I visited Jones Beach and ate out a few times, including a memorable a BBQ place which is reviewed below. There was a county wide carnival where I managed to get my hands on some fresh cotton candy, combination of blue and pink. This was a big deal because I used to wait in line for hours for free cotton candy at various school events. I was not as adventurous with the rides. When I was younger I always bought the wristbands for unlimited rides. Now I'm not as interested in them. We checked out the beautiful Ferris wheel (overlooking green treetops and small buildings) and a small dragon roller coaster (complete with Chinese palace facade). The last few tickets were spent on my ride on the carousel. Food and rides aside, the carnival also had a petting zoo with giraffes, zebras and llamas. I think the carnival is best viewed at night, when all the rides light up and spin to the music.

Famous Dave's
The one we went to had a week long lunch special (website's lunch special is only for M-F). There was also a brunch buffet that looked decent since it was a Sunday. I ordered the lunch special two meats combo with green beans. The two meats I picked were spareribs and beef brisket. Next time I'm definitely ordering more ribs and maybe trying chicken or pulled pork. I thought the beef brisket was okay but not impressive. If you get the fries, do try them with the different BBQ sauces!
update (8/2009): got the feast for two platter with ribs and pulled pork, definitely great for 3 people to share. and I liked the pulled pork more than their beef brisket. the chicken was amazing and everyone agreed.

I've summarized the different BBQ sauces below.
1. Rich and Sassy: Tomato based with plenty of molasses. My favorite one. Goes perfectly with ribs and beef and fries and everything else on your plate.
2. Texas Pit: Smokey and good. Black Pepper gives it a kick.
3. Devil's Spit: Supposed to the spiciest one. J. and I both agreed it wasn't that spicy. But tastes pretty good.
4. Sweet and Zesty: Self-explanatory
5. Georgia Mustard: the only vinegar based sauce. Tangy and lighter than the tomato based sauces.

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