Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NYC Summer 2009

updated July 9, 2009

Shakespeare in the Park (season started!)
This year they have Twelfth Night (Shakespeare) and Bacchae (by Euripidies).
The lines are INSANE. Bring ipod/chair/towel/water/food/book/hat/sunscreen/laptop....

Shakespeare on the Run (event passesd)
If you don't want to wait in line for a free play (ahem see above), go check out this one. Central Park and Battery Park. They have King Lear (I read this senior year of high school. a rather serious play).

The Met Opera (black tie optional, jk, july-aug, hd festival is late aug-sept)
Free admission. Various dates/locations. I'm really excited about the Summer HD Festival too.

NY Phil in the Park (classical and/or romantic (era) music under the stars, july)
For first time goers, watch and learn from the pros. Bring an elaborate picnic, wine, and candles. Be sure to bring your whole entourage too (more is better). Oh, and it's crowded. (duh)

brooklyn $3 concerts (suggested donation)
2009 schedule is up! I love the space and the Brooklyn energy is amazing. If you don't recognize the bands, don't fret. Myspace is your friend (yes, it can be used for good, especially for sampling music before you trek out to Brooklyn)

river to river free concerts (free, various locations)
A ton of offerings at various locations around NYC. this is a great way to check out various parks and spots that you've never been to. and we can always use more outdoor music, people! If you go early enough you can usually find a seat.

summer stage concerts (most free, inside central park)
central park offerings. while you probably recognize more people on the list, do keep in mind the space is limited and you're better off finding some lawn outside and listen to the music. Trust me, the fight for beer is not worth it and you're just going to spill it on some crazy kid anyway.

Good Morning America in Central Park (diff stage than summer stage)
If you are willing to wake up early, you can catch some nice acts. This year they have Green Day, Jonas Brothers, and Kelly Clarkson...

Today Show Concerts in Rockefeller Plaza
I honestly have never been to Rockefeller Plaza when it's not winter. I think I go there just for the tree. That said, the line up looks great: Black Eye Peas, Kings of Leon, Jason Mraz, Natasha Bedingfield, etc. and you know, at least it's close to a subway station (ahem, GMA).

Asian Film Festival (late june-july) event passed
I missed Tribeca this year! (not like I made it any other years but that's besides the point...) Anyway, this looked interesting last year except I didn't get to catch it. (readers of this blog, I make great lists, but I don't always check them off...sigh). update: I actually recognize some of the Chinese films listed there, including If You are the One. Also want to see Taiwan's Cape No. 7, and Antique (how can you resist a movie about a bakery?)

Brooklyn Bridge Movies with a View, Thursdays in summer
How creepy would it be to watch Edward Scissorhands next to the lights of Brooklyn Bridge...creepy....

Bryant Park Outdoor Films, Mondays in June-August
Nice screen setup near the library. Bryant Park is the place to be during a NY summer. Even if you don't check out the movie, you should still check out the park.

Wednesdays' lineup includes Ironman, Dark Knight, and even Sex & the City. Damn...I'd love see all three again. Fridays' lineup includes Ghostbusters and Kung Fu Panda. By the way, they have a nice digital screen and a rather reasonable crowd (i.e. not crazy like Bryant Park).

Central Park Films (aug)
yet another place showing Sex & the City. everyone go vote for Goldfinger in July for the viewers' choice! I also noticed that they have a Twilight showing (hmm I still haven't seen it).

Big Apple BBQ (Madison Sq. Park near Flatiron) June 13-14 (passed)
Yes, there are lines, but you get live music, a nice selection of local brew and bbq. If it's any consolation, the lines last year were not as bad as a normal lunch line at

Museum Bars (via NewYorkology)

Macy's Fireworks (Hudson River this year, 4th of July) event passed
Macy's site back up. 9pm 4th of July. If you don't make it you can also watch it on TV.

Big Onion Walking Tours
various themes and locations.

NY aquarium
sharks and rays! all in Brooklyn.

Coney Island Mermaid Parade June 20 Sat. (event passed)
Embrace your inner fish. I STILL haven't been to Coney Island...I will make it this year, damn it, if not to the parade.

http://nymag.com/guides/summer/beaches (beach guide from NYMag)

Renaissance Faire (aug 1- sept 20)
for those of you without a car, there's info on bus/ticket combo here (leaves from port authority bus terminal):

MTA Deal Packages
Visit for MTA/LIRR/Metro North Trip Ideas! (NYC, Long Island, Upstate and Conn.!)

NJTransit Packages
Cheesy and flashy site aside, this is a great guide to NJ beaches and fun!

see also my
free nyc list of museums and other summer guides:

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