Sunday, April 05, 2009

Shake Shack

@ Madison Square Park (6 train to 23rd st)
Other locations include Upper West Side (close to Natural History Museum) and CitiField (Mets Stadium)

I first heard about this place's custard, which has rotating daily flavors and every month they change the flavors. You can check their custard calendar online. If you're visiting this place for the first time, beware that the burger/food line can be really long. If you're only getting custard and beer you can go to the express line. They also take credit card which I find very convenient.

//brooklyn lager. if you're in nyc and don't know this I really have nothing to say. If you're from out of town, make sure to get brooklyn lager on tap in a bar, or here is fine too.
//I also found some special beers when they had beer sampling/special events. Keep checking the calendar and you'll see those announcements.

//shackburger. I liked it. I guess it may be on the small size for dinner though. People always rave about the burgers at Shake Shack but I'm always put off by the long lines. I must have gone to shake Shack a dozen times before finally getting the burger.
//shack-ago hotdog. hotdog Chicago style means the frank also comes with relish, onion, cucumber. pickle, tomato, etc.

//I think the price for the custard is pretty fair for the portion size you get. Before you go for the daily flavor I suggest you sample it first. Some of my favs include strawberry swirl, caramel, and raspberry jalapeno (apparently not so popular with the rest of the customers though)

//purple cow - with grape soda. 
//creamsicle - with orange soda. amazing.

//Madison Square Park location: You can't take booze too far away from the Shack but they have very limited seating. All I have to say is, good luck! You can always find a nearby bench too. Great in the summer, beautiful trees, a small fountain, and fun in the sun.
//Upper West Side location: Probably good for colder months and rainy days. This location has indoor seating and a lower level with benches and tv. Since it's so close to Natural History museum I imagine a lot of family would visit this place during the weekend.

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