Thursday, May 14, 2009

Madison Roundup

see Madison food entry

Fun - - Capitol Tour
[free] we caught a huge group of school children so opted to walk around ourselves instead. go to the 4th floor and up some steps and you'll reach the observation deck (Madison is not that tall but it's nice to look at the lake from there)

Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center - Madison, Wisconsin
[free] great view of the lake from the top level. otherwise you can walk around the main level and admire their huge half circle windows. Frank Lloyd Wright really had a thing for round structure in buildings huh? (thinks back to Guggenheim in NYC)

Henry Vilas Zoo : Home Page
[free] while this zoo is not that big, it's free and has some interesting animals (including a polar bear). 

U of Wisc Madison Memorial Union Terrace
[free] If you are visiting campus you have to catch this place on a sunny day. I recommend getting coffee or ice cream inside, then walk outside for a spectacular view of the lake. Afterwards if you're feeling adventurous, you should walk along the lake (there's a long path) for a bit. I love this place. 

Betty Lou Cruises
[prices varies] every city with any body of water has a cruise. This one has various themes. go out and enjoy the view! We went on the Pizza & Beer one on Monona which served unlimited Capitol Brewery beer and Ian's Pizza. I was impressed since I bought the ticket thinking it'll be cheap booze and cheese pizza, turned out to be microbrew and decent flavors (mac n cheese pizza anyone? haha)

Olbrich Botanical Garden
[outside free, tropical $1] We got there and didn't have time for the tropical conservatory section of the garden. the outside garden area had many flowering trees and tulips (much later than blooming season in the east coast). a nice little stroll and on the way to the airport. 

Some Things to Do In and Around Madison

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