Thursday, May 14, 2009

Madison Food Roundup

So what do you eat in the state known for dairy? Cheese, ice cream, milk, and more!

Marigold Kitchen (link)
118 S. Pinckney St.
//scrambler (scrambled eggs) - special of the day was scallion, ham, and cheese scrambler. I picked rosemary toast since the scrambler also comes with toast. Coffee was good as well but I wasn't crazy about the grapefruit juice (should have gotten fresh OJ instead)

Zander's Capitol Grill (link)
118 State St.
//blackened tilapia sandwich with mango and pineapple salsa
//1/2 sandwich (eggplant parmesan) and soup (cheese and beer soup). the eggplant parmesan also had amazing basil and tomato bits. yays. not sure if I liked the soup. it was good, just a bit strange.

Buffalo Wings (link)
ok, so this is a national chain. still enjoyed the food though.
//Wings: Caribbean Jerk, Asian Zing.
//Ribs: decent, esp. good with the Rib+Wing combo.

Great Dane downtown location (link)
123 E. Doty St.
//Devils Lake Red Lager
//Great Dane Pub Wings - we got burned by habanero hellfire, but it gave us an excuse to order milk from the bar (milk from the dairy state sure is tasty). I'm going to stay away from this one. will probably try less suicidal flavors next time.
// Dane Burger - while I enjoyed it, the artichoke dip was a bit much for me. Medium rare was perfect though.

Daily Scoop (link)
//blue moon (strange blue ice cream....). badger blast (chocolate overdose)
Inside Memorial Union of UWisc. This place has ice cream, coffee, and more. I had originally wanted to check out the Babcock Hall Dairy store for their specialty ice cream, but my cousin noted that Daily Scoop sold their ice cream too.

Paciugo (link)
//three scoop: coconut, oreo, and rose (yes rose!). I loved the coconut one the best.
I found this in some random mall....what a surprise. They also have other locations in town.

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