Sunday, April 19, 2009


72 Bedford St. (at Commerce St.) 
West Village
New York, NY

We walked by this place while we were on a Greenwich Village walking tour. After the tour, J. wanted to try it out (I think he missed Brazil food). 

//pastel - apparently this is portuguese for empanada. this place made pastel in a rectangle shape. I had a bite,  pretty good, but didn't try with salsa or hot sauce. J. raved about it. I guess he approves.
//yucca coconut cake - shredded coconut inside. win. not sure why they brought me butter for it was good as is.
//flan - G. doesn't like flan but decided to try it when J. convinced him brazilian flan is different. i think caramelizing anything makes it better. egg tarts with caramelized tops are tastier too.
//brigedeiros - condensed milk with cocao and chocolate sprinkles. maybe i wasn't expecting it, but they knocked me out. really really really sweet. next time I have to order an espresso with it.
//guarana - Brazilian soda. apparently 2nd most popular (after coca cola) soft drink in Brazil. I like it but some people don't. I guess it's a taste thing.

//bright afternoon sun filtering through huge windows, lighting here is sublime. perfect place for an afternoon coffee break. someone was sitting at the table next to us and he was working on a laptop. inspired maybe? 
//window sill lined with some folksy decorative items. they covered the pipes with hemp robe, then added little birds on it, clever. 

maybe next time we'll stop by for dinner, but since the place is so small we probably have to make a reservation or come by early.

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