Sunday, March 01, 2009


38 E 19th St
connected to ABC Carpet in Union Sq

A few weeks ago I went to this restaurant with S. and W. before watching Sex & the City (great movie by the way). A few co-workers recommend the place long ago.

//chicken fennel salad. actually it's been a while and I'm not sure if this is indeed the salad I got. S. and W. had sandwiches that were tasty enough. I may try one next time.
//side of chorizo because I was still hungry after the salad.
//update: On a recent visit I ordered the serrano ham sandwich. Loved the spread they used (some kind of sweet butter) and the side salad was tasty as well.
//update: we had baby chorizos this time and I think it was quite good but T. thought it wasn't salty enough. They were soaked in some kind of sauce. Their menu online says sherry and olives and chiles.

//I was threatening to get cosmos in order of the movie but they wouldn't drink with me. I'm not usually a fan of noontime drinking either so it's ok. Next time if I go for dinner I'll get something off of their drinks menu.

//chandeliers all over the place, with price tags to boot. probably an extension of ABC Carpets

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